SPAY & MetaMars Tokens

These are two tokens of SpaceY 2025: SPAY & MetaMars SPAY is a MetaSpace governance token. It allows majority holders to have DAO voting rights. It is used to purchase NFTs in SpaceY 2025. You can purchase SPAY on the following exchanges:, MEXC, Hotbit, & ZT. You can also swap different crypto currencies for SPAY on PanCakeswap & Uniswap. If you wish to cross chain SPAY (ETH <--> BSC) you can on PolyBridge. SPAY may be obtained as a monthly prize reward based on your overall ranking on the seasonal leaderboards. SPAY Contract Address ETH: 0x58FaD9E3C3AE54c9BA98c3f0E4bF88aB3E8Cf3c5 SPAY Contract Address BSC: 0x13A637026dF26F846D55ACC52775377717345c06 MetaMars is a Token used in SpaceY 2025 for Turret evolution & placement with other features coming in the future. Players are able to obtain MetaMars by defeating waves of aliens in tower defense mode. MetaMars are available for only available for purchase on PanCakeswap at this time. MetaMars Contract Address: 0xaC564270B8138eD3B97794f4cabd4858976b433F

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