Getting Started

Change log v0.1.16.0

Welcome to SpaceY2025 v0.1.16.0
[New features]
  • The new updated music is now available, for both the main base, campaign, and endless levels. Thanks for LiuTao's excellent score, please enjoy!
  • New enemy skills are now available, they affect game gameplay at a new level.
[Changes & Fixes]
  • UI has been improved and reworked, it is now fully available in-game.
  • Updated the pathfinding logic of the enemy to avoid too many enemies on the ground and the path is changed.
[Bug fixes]
  • Fixed default avatar time-out issue.
  • Fixed a problem when the ship was null.
  • Fixed a bug causing the mailbox not to refresh when getting mail.
  • Fixed a problem causing the mailbox's read status not to show correctly.
  • Fixed a problem causing crates to not be closed.
  • Fixed a Mars shader issue.
  • Fixed a problem causing Gem to not combine properly.
  • Fixed some display and material issues for levels 1-4.
  • Fixed a problem in the tutorial-level layout.
  • Fixed a problem in the settings panel about the display.
  • Fixed a user account layout problem.
  • Fixed an issue with the skybox, which affected all the scenes.
  • Fixed a problem causing the flying enemy won't move properly.
  • Fixed dead loop problem for enemy pathfinding.
[Known issues]
  • The enemy could still get stuck sometimes, but you can damage the stuck enemy.