Spaceships & Edit your ship loadout

Spaceship is an essential part of SpaceY2025.

It is important to edit your ship loadout with your towers, it is the only way to bring towers into the game for playing the tower defense mode.

Click on the spaceship button to bring up your spaceships.

select which spaceship you wish to use

These are the spaceship status, all of them will affect the tower defense mode.

From top to bottom, they are

Health (How much damage you can take before your energy core is destroyed)

Defense (Reduce damage you take when an enemy reaches your energy core)

Attack (Increase your towers' damage)

Shipload (How many towers you can take on this spaceship)

Durability (The condition of your spaceship)

This is your spaceship's active ability, they are very powerful and can sway the tide of battle within seconds but they require time to charge.

Now, click on the edit button to edit towers you wish to bring to each mission

This if your tower loadout interface, all of your towers will be displayed here

simply click on a tower you want to use, and it will show up on the right side of the screen

Bring as many towers as you like, but you cannot exceed the this shipload number

If you wish to look at a tower's stats, simply mouse over the tower, and all of their stats will be displayed on its side

to remove a tower from your shipload, click on the tower icon in the shipload and you can select a different tower you wish to bring

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