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Change log v0.1.15.0

Welcome to SpaceY2025 v0.1.15.0
[New features]
  • The Gemstone feature is now here. There are 5 types of gemstones and each gemstone affects towers differently to give them buffs and abilities.
  • You can also use the synthesis menu in the main base to level up your gemstone to be more powerful ones.
[Changes & Fixes]
  • Updated monster health bar
  • Added a button login menu to close it, in case you want to use a different login method
  • Change the laser tower's attack to penetrate multiple enemies. However, you have to position the laser tower to maximize its damage.
  • Updated post battle window
  • Optimized spaceship edit function
  • Optimized pre battle ready screen
  • Spaceship ability change: focus fire ability is now a passive for all spaceships. And the replacement for the active focus fire is now a timed bomb
[Bug fixes]
  • Fixed an endless mode content overlap issue
  • Fixed and enhanced framerate for all scene
  • Fixed some UI issues
  • Fixed and removed some terrain pieces
  • Fixed highest wave display in endless mode
  • Fixed an issue that caused endless mode to crash
[Known issues]
  • Sign in UI issue
  • Enemy pathing can be weird