Getting Started

Change log v0.1.15.4

Welcome to SpaceY2025 v0.1.15.4
[Changes & Fixes]
  • Added a refresh button in the main scene in case you made changes on the platform
  • Crit dmg and crit chance changed to percentage display
  • Inventory will no longer display items that are 0
  • The game will now automatically refresh after the spaceship is upgraded
  • The resources obtained by opening the crates will now be combined in the inventory
  • Now the numbers displayed on the gem synthesis interface are "current remaining/required"
  • Now if you dismantle your tower on the Metaspacey platform, the game will now sync with the data
  • Added right-click to move the player's ship in both battle scenes and the main base scene
  • Updated and fixed a whole bunch of graphic issues in all available scenes
  • Gems that are not owned will not be displayed
  • Adjusted the camera for the player's ship in both the main base and battle scenes
  • Updated error message
[Bug fixes]
  • Fixed in-game shop rarity text display error
  • Fixed tooltips that have uncontrolled blink
  • Fixed after upgrading the battleship, the status of the button does not change if you have insufficient materials
  • Fixed record page in the in-game shop does not display gem purchase
  • Fixed the issue causing the player's ship to fly out of the map