Change log v0.1.7


Welcome to SpaceY 2025 beta v0.1.7!We are excited to share with you the following changes in this version:


  • 2 more maps for Chapter 2

  • 2 new Chapters

    • Chapter 3, 8 new maps

    • Chapter 4, 10 new maps

[Art update]

  • Map grid update

    • Each map grid now has their unique updated look

  • Map environment update

    • Each level now has their own updated Mars environment

[New Features]

  • Spaceship active abilities

    • 6 abilities for 6 different spaceships

  • Upgrade system for defense towers

    • You can now upgrade your towers using resources and gMars gathered from different maps

  • Dismantlement system for defense towers

    • You can also dismantle your tower for resources and gMars to gain resources(this would be even more useful in future updates)


  • Tower build time decreased a little for more action based gameplay

  • Enemies will disappear once they deal damage to the core, and will no longer continue to attack

  • Towers will no longer block other tower's projectiles

[Bug fixes]

  • Level select, spaceship tower update, enemy icons, spaceship abilities, game UI, enemy death effect, tower attack missing fixes, etc

[known issue]

  • The flamethrower sound effect missing

  • Resource icon missing

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