Getting Started

Change log v0.1.15.5

Welcome to SpaceY2025 v0.1.15.5
[New features]
  • Player Avatar is now online! Now when you choose Avatar on the platform website, you can see your chosen avatar in the game when you login. Note: you may need to log out first
  • We made some changes to the current graphic options. Simplified aspect ratio option into a single resolution selection. Removed graphic quality setting since it's not apparent enough. Added full-screen toggle button
[Changes & Fixes]
  • Improved battle scene tower select panel spacing
  • Added a few more checks for the battleship upgrade
  • Increased the guideline a little to make it more visible
  • You should be able to use Shift to change the input field and Enter the key on the login page when you want to log in with your account and password using only keyboards
[Bug fixes]
  • Fixed a movement bug when the arrow keys and the mouse are in control at the same time
  • Fixed the speed difference of the spaceship under different control
  • Fixed teleport bug when the spaceship is out of bound
  • Fixed camera rotation difference while in battle scenes and in the main base
  • Fixed a needs gmars pop-up window when the player doesn't have enough gems to synthesis
  • Fixed reward item outbound issue in the results screen
  • Fixed a guideline issue in level_1_0, level_1_4
  • Fixed a bunch of minor issues at other levels
  • Fixed some issues found within enemy skills
  • Fixed invisible wall issue that causes mouse input not to work
  • Fixed tech points update in the battle scene
  • Fixed an alignment issue with the battle prepare interface
[Known issues]
  • If the battleship upgrade condition is not met, the reminder information is missing or confusing
  • PC build: to close the app, you still need to use alt + f4