Getting Started

Change log v0.1.11

Welcome to SpaceY2025 v0.1.11
[New features]
  • Redemption code system is now available. Players can redeem resources and other ingame assets with the correct redemption code.
  • The main scene received a series of facelifts
  • We have enabled dynamic loading for all levels and now the loading speed the first time you enter the game should be improved by 15% - 25%. We will continue to look into improving loading time.
[Bug fixes]
  • Fixed an issue that caused the displayed battleship in the main scene and the selected battleship in the battle scene to be mixed up.
  • Fixed an issue that caused click events in the battleship selection screen to go through the UI layer.
  • Fixed an issue of players can go into unpublished levels and getting stuck.
  • Fixed several issues that caused links to buy GMars to be incorrect.
[Known issues]
  • We will investigate the reasons why the recent versions have low performance on the website.