Getting Started

Gems & Tower Skills

There are currently 5 types of gems in SpaceY 2025 with only 3 of them dropping/equipable at this time. Each gem contains a faint elemental energy and can be used for embedding or crafting (in the future). Each Gem is a 1 time Consumable Item that lasts the duration of the frontline attempt or until a new gem is equipped.
Ruby Shard (Contains Fire Energy)
Sentry Turret: Deals more damage to ignited targets.
Missile Launcher: Attack Damage is reduced but has a chance to instantly kill ignited targets.
Mortar: Ignites damaged enemies. Deals burn damage over time. Only works on targets that have no Ignite effect. Ignite will immediately remove the Frost effect.
Laser Turret: Grants increased critical strike chances when targeting ignited enemies.
Shockwave: Ignites damaged enemies. If targets are already ignited, trigger on the target and deal AOE damage to surrounding enemies. Not capable of Frost effect.
Sapphire Shard (Contains Frost Elemental Energy)
Sentry Turret: Keeps attacking the same frosty target increasing attack damage (Up to 10 stacks. Reset stacks when target changed).
Missile Launcher: Damage is reduced. Freezes enemies slowing their movement speed.
Mortar: Deal more damages to frosty enemies.
Laser Turret: Damage is increased. Laser beam changed to one-shot.
Shockwave: Encases frosty targets for 0.75 seconds. (Encased enemies won't be encased again within next 10 seconds) Not capable of burn.
Topaz Shard (Contains Lightning Elemental Energy)
Sentry Turret: Bullets can bounce between targets around the primary target that is electrified. The damage of the bouncing bullets is reduced.
Missile Launcher: Electrify targets.
Mortar: Increased Critical Chance.
Laser Turret: Grants higher damage when against electrified targets.
Shockwave: Grants chances to paralyze electrified enemies for 0.5 seconds.
Equipping/Unequipping Gems: Players may equip/unequip the gems they have in their inventory by simply clicking on the + or - inside the gem tab next to the tower profile. When the player clicks on the + sign, a drop down menu showcasing the players current gem inventory will appear and the player may select the gem they wish to equip. Unequipping a gem consists of clicking on the - next to the gem currently equipped (Please note that unequipping a gem will result in a loss of that gems effects on the tower).
System towers are unable to be equipped with any gems. Gem Drop Rate:
Players have a chance of earning Gems after defeating the Boss of every 10th wave. The drop rate is random and the difficulty setting will not increase the drop rate. Players will be able to see what types of gems they received at the end of each Frontline attempt.
Below are the two types of gems that will be available in the future.
Amethyst Shard (Contains a Mysterious Energy).
Emerald Shard (Contains Poison Energy).