Game Development Team Leader

Company: Blockfish
  • Blockchain game developer & Metaverse creation platform
  • SpaceY 2025 is the world's first 'play-to-earn' blockchain-based triple-A tower defense game with NFTs. Its story is about building and defending a human settlement on Mars. The 3D sandbox game offers an open and rich gameplay experience as well as numerous opportunities for players to earn money while playing. Players can trade NFT-based Martian goods - such as land, buildings, towers and ores - with other players or sell them to them in the SpaceY 2025 marketplace.
We are looking for people who are/have:
  • Passionate about NFTs and Blockchain technology
  • Passionate about video games
  • Result driven, team players with a positive can-do attitude
  • Strong quantitative skills with a growth mindset
Work with the Gameplay Design Lead to create a compelling, top tier gameplay experience.
  • Be responsible for the success of the gameplay programming team.
  • Ensure efficient and timely delivery of core gameplay features and communicate to other leads if the team is not scoped properly.
  • Collaborate with other project leads to ensure the engineering team is delivering effectively.
  • Distill high-level feature requests into meaningful, actionable tasks and effectively delegate those to the team.
  • Architect the systems needed to deliver gameplay features, and communicate intentions, assumptions, and constraints
  • Participate in writing code – the lead needs to have direct understanding of the code and challenges facing the team.
  • Proactively identify opportunities and risks to improve the work of the team, the quality of the project, and studio knowledge as a whole.
  • Maintain the relationship between stakeholders, often working as a conduit for communication.
  • Work with a quick and decisive pace, and a positive attitude.
  • Play the game at all stages of production to write up detailed bugs and make suggestions for improvement.
  • Understand the entire production pipeline and each development discipline
  • 7+ years related experience and/or training
  • Have a thorough understanding of each discipline in game development to communicate a unified vision across all production departments.
  • Experience growing a game team, managing people through product launch.
  • Experience working directly with game production software and pipelines.
  • A strong history of balancing game mechanic specifications with design iterations.
  • Strong C++ skills and the ability to code gameplay mechanics and tools
  • Bachelor’s Degree (or above) in computer science.
If you believe in blockchain gaming & technologies and want to make the Metaverse together, please send us your resume: [email protected]