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SpaceY 2025 News & Announcements: Bugs/Fixes, Maintenance duration, Events
Update for January 17th: Fixed Duplicate Tower Placement UI Color Enhancement Update for January 15th: Server Maintenance: 12:00am to 08:00am (8 hours) UTC to prepare for season 1 Leaderboard Season 1 Commence! 08:00am UTC Leaderboards page with claim function added to website Contact Us Chat enabled on website Update for January 12th: Laser turret fire duration changed from 1 second to 3 seconds Update for January 6th, 2022: During tower deployment/deconstruction, players are not able to upgrade their tower Fixed inventory scrolling in tower defense Updates for January 5th, 2022: Fixed the inventory list in tower defense (won't take up entire screen).
Fixed laser and missile launcher bullet function (recharge/reload speeds) Updates for January 4th, 2022:
Adjusted system sensitivity regarding clear pathway error
Added deployment delay (3 seconds) for all towers
(Known issues being addressed) Frequently removing or deploying towers may cause errors
When playing at x4 speed, towers reload/deployment speed may cause errors in game data recognition causing a game break
Updates for January 3rd, 2022: System notice regarding bug encounter: You have encountered __ bug, In order to resume wave activity please refresh your browser window and allow the enemies a clear path to your base. If a clear path is not established you will not be able progress against further waves. This notice will appear whenever our system notices an abnormality in enemy activity on your map.
Pop Up Window ex 1 (refreshed and placed system tower in a different location)
Pop Up Window ex 2
gMars are minted for everyone who claimed them in game and wanted to claim them to their wallet (resulting in the pending status.) For players who used a bug to farm gMars their balance has been adjusted to 2025.
Updates Dec 30th, 2021: We recently found an issue causing players with decent GPUs to have horrible frame rates. This problem usually happens with laptops with Intel CPU and Nvidia GPU. The main culprit here is Optimus, which is an app provided by Nvidia. If you have the Nvidia driver, you will have a control panel. You can set it to use the Nvidia GPU on the global profile. Or set that to individual programs. If the first method did not work for you then you will need to get to your BIOS. Once there, you should look for if you can switch between Optimus or Dedicated GPU. Choose Dedicated GPU. Introduced to SpaceY 2025: 1. Frontline Entrance Fees: 30 gMars per attempt
2. gMar cost when placing NFT towers. Sentry - 1 gMars Missile Launcher - 2 gMars Laser - 2 gMars Mortar - 3 gMars Shock Wave - 3 gMars Updates Dec 28, 2021:
  • Implemented a placement lock for towers during waves as a temporary fix to prevent players from using game bugs or other methods to farm waves for MetaMars without being kicked back to main page.
Updates Dec 23, 2021:
  • Fixed turrets attacking ground bug.
  • Mortar & ShockWave are applying AOE damages properly right now.
Updates Dec 17, 2021:
  • Added error code pop up window.
  • Fixed Mortar issue caused by firing bullets outside of the map.
Updates Dec.15, 2021:
  • Reduced gMars costs when upgrading (From 2 * current part level to 1.5 * level)
  • Tried to fix laser turrets infinity firing issue
Updates Dec.13, 2021:
  • Allow players change difficulty. Now when players click on difficulty level image (on the top left), they will increase the difficulty. (Difficulty CANNOT be decreased while playing, but restarting the map will reset the difficulty.)
  • Adjusted scores & TechPoints drop values after defeating one enemy.
  • Added entrances indicator. (There are some problems blocked players to enter the frontline. Trying to fix it now)
Updates Dec. 11, 2021
  • Added costs UI for gMars and TechPoints
  • Tried to fix wave problems (players who have datas on the map may still have problems. Reset the map should fix this)
  • Tried to fix Laser turrets problems.
Updates Dec.09, 2021:
  • Players should be able to re-enter the Tower Defense Mode without refreshing.
  • Changed Loading LOGO
  • Trying to find the problem causes JS error. Currently, we think it is because players' devices are disconnected with our server Web socket while the client is sending massages.
Updates Dec 06, 2021: -Added some simple UI in Tower Defense scene. Now players can click on the turrets on the map to see some stats. -Trying to fix JavaScript error while playing. -Still working on the scene management. Right now still need to refresh the page to restart the game.
Updates Dec.03, 2021: Fixed BUG that opening loot boxes will cause JavaScript error. Hopefully we can add some of UIs tomorrow. They have been added, but something went wrong when merging them to what we have now.
Updates Dec.02, 2021:
  • Fixed bug that everyone's map won't reset. Now players should be able to play through waves continually.
  • Fixed bug that one turret can be used several times.
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